can help me recommand acoustic


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erm can help recommand an acoustic guitar. im still quite a beginner but got some spare hongbao money lying around so budget arnd 500.

I've found Yamaha guitars a nice buy for the price range they occupy ...

Others may recommend better alternatives...

Ur milleage may vary..
personally i won't get yamaha acoustics. not up to standard i suppose. the only things they produce that's really good are the basses.. a taylor big baby is an option though..
well maybe you can try Art & Lutherie, from canada.. for the price, you get a loud n very well made acoustic.. i'm not sure who actually bring them in but a shop at Parklane, 1st floor, sells them..
With ur budget, u shd go and look at guitars with solid top. U can really get a gd deal if u source for 2nd hand guitars. For me I'll look for takamine, seagull, simon and patrick, yamaha. Many people say they r quite good for this budget. Personally, I got a yamaha dw8 and I think it actually sounds quite alrite. My friend's simon and patrick have some dead notes on the upper frets which is very bad so u really have to test the guitar u wanna buy new/used (fyi he bought it new).