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ok i'm lookin out for a fender strat... but coz i'm just a noob at electric guitar (sorta), i'm not looking for one of those in the shops where it goes for like 1.5 grands to 2 grands... i don't print money yet.

are there cheap fenders in stores? i was at parklane just a few days back, and i saw this shop selling a lot of fender guitars. they're on the second floor, just at the escalators.

and btw... how would a jem guitar compare to a fender? i just read that thread and thought if there wasn't much quality difference... i could get a guitar with my name on it huh?
JEM: Shred Shred Shred, very high output, very high quality. Edge Pro bridge, DiMarzio Breed pickups, 'JEM Prestige neck' which is very fast and smooth O and the money grip. It's made of basswood which is very transparent tone wise so you can really hear the hot Breed pickups. Hella expensive, real top of the range stuff.

Strat: Versitile, generally good all round. Comes in American, Jap., Mexican or Squier is decending price order. Standard strat is bright and has 3 single coils so there is high frequencys in there. Great for pop, funk, blues. They range from 200-3500 depending on which strat you are looking for.
200!??!??! truly??? i'm prepared to spend like 300 to 400 on a standard strat....

but isn't squier the jap brand for fender?
jemstone said:
200!??!??! truly??? i'm prepared to spend like 300 to 400 on a standard strat....

but isn't squier the jap brand for fender?
squier is the starter guitar brand. Squiers are designed to be first guitars.
Japanese fenders are about 1000SGD and very good for the money.
The cheapest fender is from luther i suppose. 850, going up to 878 on their next batch of jap strats.

The cheapest is that one liao. Even mex strat from the shop you're talking abt cost like 1.1k. Least...
Maybe you should consider 2nd hand as an option. Strats look cool played in, and you should be able to get some pretty good bargains if you go 2nd hand.
i think if u got de cash go for an RG. similar to de jem. only diff is u wont get aftermarket pickups but advantage is u wont be playing sum1 elses guitar ( no offence to steve vai i like his playing n hes one helluva talented person but ive got sumthing against using signature guitars but then again its up to personal preferences ) the jem series r good guitars. i just love de jem7VWH. amazing guitar. well just wait a lil' while longer if ur homing in for ibanez. like what subversion says, might be coming in soon. goody goody. :D
you should try both & get the one which gives you the best feel & tone.

the Ibanez guitars, JEMs or otherwise, are shred-inducing but it's not exclusive. this brand name offers thinner than normal neck profiles (selected models have fat, round necks) which should appeal to some of us. if you think thin necks help you play faster- no. it depends on your hand profile, some of us need a good grip to play properly, thin necks would then be a hindrance.

the fender strat on the other hand, has certain inclinations to single coil tone but the humbucking models are as good. the neck profile is a total departure from the ibanez & it shouldn't be seen as a substitute, just a different offering.

if you can live with the Squier brand name (until you get enough dough to acquire a fender, i'd say the Standard model is a worthy buy. do avoid the Affinity series Squiers, they are ok guitars but they coulld've been better.

Squier Standard models

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