Buying a 5 string bass


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Any good/decent 1st hand bass in Singapore?
Which store will sell?
Looking to get one and budget is around 500-700$ .
for that budget, i think a yamaha rbx would be good. plus yamaha is having a sale now, can go to the ps branch to check them out
Yes Yamaha would be a good choice.

And we assume you are referring to a normal 5-string Low-B bass, not a 5-string High-C bass.

absolutely great value-for-money 5-string: OLP MM3 (discontinued but still available @ Davis GMC)... it's not even $500...
Wow thank you for the replies!
I've decided on getting an rbx 375.

Just one question though, do the prices of the bass varies at different yamaha outlets or is it all fixed?
question here, why first hand? you could save a whole lot going 2nd hand (especially on Yamaha). I'm assuming you are new to bass playing?