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Hey dudes, i'm kind of broke now thanks to my Vox AD50VT amp and incoming LP. Looking for a budget (say below $150 after those christmas/new year discounts) multi fx to try out. Kind of looking at the ZOOM G-2 at $110, ZOOM 606 ay $110, ZOOM 505II at $80 all at Citymusic. Any other recommendations?

What about some effects that are sold at Swee Lee, and are within my budget after the 50% thingy? Cos i don't really know what is available.. :)
I think the drum machine is cool haha.. i don't think the pedal is that useful cos i seldom use it. Hmm.. any other comments?

I was leaning towards it.. and am glad that some of you think the same too! Haha.. anyway the diff between the pedal and w/o is 70 bucks.. hmm
i support G1.2u, its in my home and i love playing it. its very good. u go go down to city music and try it out, has built in rhythm expressions and can connect to com for recording. it has different brands of compact pedals inside. has wah wah everything/ but i think G1 is not bad also. but why not add 30bucks for a much better one? :) you should go today or tml, its pretty quiet there since the sims drive sale.
I have a Zoom G2.1U too.. but i paid $206 for it.. think its cheaper now with the sale going on. I think its arguably the best budget multi-effects pedal there is on the market now with lots of features and a price to beat.
You guys aren't helping at all... you guys are bad, making me REALLY want to buy it now.. HMPH!

Haha.. thanks peeps!!! Just wondering, how much does the power adaptor cost? Cos just want to see if it's worth buying it w/o the adaptor. Also, does it "eat up" a lot of electricity? Can use batteries?
hey Thor i tried already, but i feel that the KICK is not there yet. I don't think factory-effects can compete with those efxs, and although i'm pleased with what my AD50VT offers, i can't get some combinations i want. It's either COMP+CHORUS or COMP-PHASER, don't have CHORUS+PHASER just as an example. Yeah.. but no one amp with effects can match effects pedals. :)
i dont use the expression pedal at all, but i bought it all the same since there are so many extra stuff coming with th g2.1u, i would say get full the set instead of just the multieffects since you are probably gonna be using them in the future- thats if you can increase your budget of course

the manual says the unit can last for 7 hrs on 4 AAs, cannot confirm on that cos ive been using the adaptor which costs ard 25-30
yea, you get the cubase le software and a usb jack for you to connect the effect to your com and do some recording. the software allows you to import audio files for you to play along or you can record your own rythm and lead tracks
Hi Heaven's Cloud I think the effects on your onboard AD50Vt is sufficient and if you really want effects, I don't think the G2 is going to be that much better for you, I tried it. If you really want to buy multi-effects, maybe go for higher end series, otherwise just zero-in on the effects you really use and head to luther's classifieds ;)

well i guess what you should really do is go down to citymusic and try it out with the ad50vt and see whether its really something worth spending on :wink:
i think many users have complained about the vox valvetronix modulation effects. the amp modelling is good though.

i agree that the Zoom G2 series would just be acceptable but not quality modulation. That's pretty imo. I've tried one for about 1/2 hour at citymusic... just didn't feel like there were usable tones for me.

i'm no guru at multieffects but you could try hunting down for a Korg AX1500G used at say $150-$170. Heard it has good modulation effects.
Heavenscloud said:
Hey dudes, i'm kind of broke now

hey.... don't get zoom efx, other then the new G series efx which i nv try or own it before....

i used to own a zoom gfx-8 and i try countless of zoom efx, they don't sound gd at all, they are way too digtal compare to single unit, but no offence to all zoom user out there....

my advise is to think wisely before you act, part yr cash on single unit imo. Don't end up few years down the road posting yr multi-efx is in the WTS classified...

btw... korg ax1500 is a better pedal than zoom imo, but still there is a slight problem in which most user will find is when you are having gig in the day, you might hv a hard time reading the screen.... that's the onli prob, other than that it is not bad....

finally i will still advise get single units.... you don't have to buy lots of pedal straight, juz collect it slowly.....

hope this will help u

** my advance apology to anyone that i might hv offended through this msg, as my intention was to help out..... sorry again