Brand new Schaller Low Profile Gold Floyd Rose and Jackson padded gigbag


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1. SCHALLER 5371 TREMOLO FLOYD ROSE Floyd Rose Made in Germany by Schaller. Gold colour. Low profile version. Beats all other crappy Floyd copies out there. Brand new and unused. Includes just the bridge and tremolo bar only. Simply reuse the springs, screws, claw, anchors etc which are already on your guitar. Selling for only $350 nett.

Thomann selling for Euro 227 without shipping included. You do the maths.

2. Jackson gigbag brand new with tag. Very well padded. For Jackson Soloist/Dinky guitars but can also fit Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and other "normal shaped" electric guitars. Inside of gigbag is lined with plush red lining. It costs USD $89.99 (around SGD $115) at and that's not counting shipping cost to Singapore and they don't even ship to Singapore. I'm selling for SGD $100 nett