BOSS Pedals


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Hi I've got a problem. I don't know how to use an adaptor for any Boss pedals. I have an adaptor, and it works fine for my BE-5. But it doesnt work for the normal ones like Blues Driver and stuff. Help, need help. Thanks.
WARNING.... DO not mess around with multi volatge adaptors for your gadgets. ONE WRONG voltage, and your pedal is fried. No turning back.

Spend a bit more to get an original one. Also ensure you get the polarity right, +/- difference is heaven and hell. If not sure, read up or consult in someone who knows.
ya...get an original if u like to prolong the gadget life span...
there are actually 2 type of Boss adapter.. (PSA n ACA i think)
do check it out...
subversion : Yup my adaptor has that variable voltage thing. Like 9 or 4.5 etc, and there's that polarity thing too, + and -.

ChanMin : Oh, Boss BE-5. Multi efx. And yeah it states on both the BE-5 and my other Boss pedals to use 9V.

mikemann : Hey thanks man! Didn't know that, lucky didn't go twisting stuff round. Heh, school physics helped a little. Hee~

penguin : Ic. Your avatar is haha :D

ok urm, back to the topic.. Yea I just tried just now and it worked fine on my Boss pedals except (some stupid thing I overlooked) my metal zone. So I'm guessing there's something wrong with the insides?