Boss, Can i have pay raise to see Santana Clapton and Maiden?


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Yeah fat hopes lol...

All cramped in a small time frame.. before anyone's wallet can fully recover, its already coughing like stage 4 cancer already..

Lets say you want to front and centre tickets, Clapton, 399, maiden 178, santana 300, eagles 499..


EST 1.3k to watch them all.
bro you voiced out my thoughts man... i was having a tough time deciding which of these few great acts should i go.. but dam my wallet only allow one of em :(
My father ask me.

"Son among these four, who you want to watch"

I said.. "Erm.. Santana.. Erm Clapton.. Erm Maiden.. I not sure.. all very good"

He said.. if you had to pick one,


Then he just gave me a long


HOPEFULLY the hmmm translates into tickets *fingers crossed.*
if you an NSmen.. go run ippt, get gold , and voila you got enough money to watch 2 concerts.

sadly no... still have 5years to go before ns hood...

whats the minimum for ippt gold? (curious to know.. also want to start training in advance lol)