blues instrumental ALBATROSS live


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HI guys

this is the final number which we managed to video with a SIMPLE digital
camera for that nite classic instrumental from peter green....

A BIG THANK YOU --ANDY-- for the time n effort taken to film the event for us to
upload to our library collection of our own songs. we understand it is not the complete
songs list for that nite function as the camera run out of memory.... but we really
APPRECIATE the result.... thanks once more...

andy happens to b our previous original drummer..... [ he is some where in our collection ]

kindly have a view n we hope u can enjoy it lkie we do....

plenty thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
although this is not a typical PG's song, it shows a different side of him. i will always consider this as one of the great instrumental piece in modern music.

wish i was there last saturday, go so many errands to run...:(
nice performance guys !
HEY rob........

thanks for your time to watch..........
hope u ain't cross with the 'croaking' noise fr the bass amp....

don the anchor man is doing fine by just ignoring it totally.....

well perhaps the next time around u find time n maybe we can do on stage
together?? ya??