Blakc Diamond Black Coated Strings

Isn't it by DR???

They're available at Davis. Helluva expensive though. Can't remember the price.

I use regular DR .10 and I like 'em
good or not? coz im playing using pick (spectrum) and play thsoe rock songs lei.. and leave my bass open air all the time (air-conditioned)
Trust me.

DR strings kick butt. I tried em out for the hell of it and I love it. I so much rather fit a set of DR's than D'Addario's though D'Addarios really are excellent strings. I used them exclusively until I discovered DR.

FYI, DR strings are HANDMADE. 8O
sLapshock said:
Anyoen sue this? Where to buy? My string last 1 month only sia. I play rock.

i used to have them in my Ibanez RG, switched to the DR coated series now. DR's version lasts longer, there was once i didn't change strings for 11 weeks. the black diamind version simply flakes off too easily. check if other stores have the black version because Davis now brings in only the red & blue versions.

here's the red set in my RG1550: