Beginner in need of hands-on on how to properly maintain the guitar


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Hi all,i just picked up the guitar not too long ago and im in need of help on how to properly set-up and maintain the instrument.I would be thankful if showed how to do it properly and correctly.Thanks:)
IMO just leave it on a stand and away from a place with constant temperature change. I've been doing so all this while no problems.
Get a string polish and standard guitar polish. Keep the guitar clean by wiping the body with a clean cloth. Use guitar polish on it when its really dirty. Clean the strings one by one after playing. Don't forget to wipe the neck of the guitar, where most of your sweat goes to.
If simple maintenance is what you need, simply get a soft lint-free cloth and wipe down your guitar each time after u play (can be used without adding any oil, just use the dry cloth). This means wiping the nuts, the frets, the fretboard, the body, the strings, the bridge, the tremolo, and everywhere else on your guitar that can collect dust and grime. Do get a set of fret polish like the one from planetwaves, for your frets will rust to the point where it feels and sounds bad when you do bending in around half a year, and then you need to polish them. If you keep your guitar in its case most of the time, this should be more than enough~ :)
U need to set-up ur guitar properly and not just wipe it clean.
Try getting one of Dan Erlewine's books for example.
It will teach u all u need and more.