Bassist looking to join a band


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Hi, just some info about myself..

I'm 20, currently a full-time university student, so commitment levels might be a tad shoddy at certain periods of time. However, I will adjust my priorities accordingly when required.

Played the bass for > 1 year, performed a few times, genres performed includes jazz (jazz standards), a bit of funk, and pop/punk music. Do not have any bass pedals at the moment since I have never been in a full-fledged, long-term band that requires me to get pedals to achieve particular tonalities for my bass.

Favourite music genres includes funk, alt rock, rock, prog rock, indie, older classics, jazz (although am relatively quite new to that genre) and older classics. Personally am quite open to a lot of music that lies within these genres, as long as they sound good.

Looking to jam with people of similar music tastes, and preferably play some gigs too. And learn and grow as a bassist. Would say that I will love to be a full-time musician but realistically speaking it's a far shot (then again it wouldn't hurt to try).

If interested, do drop me a PM or a reply.

Thank you :)
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