bass packages to recommend for beiginners


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anybody got any good bass packages to recommend for beiginners ? any advice on wad sort of amps should b adequate ?
hi there 8) i've friends who got great results with the Yamaha/ Squier/ Ibanez bass starter set. however, you'd trim more $$ off your budget if you get these units used.

for home practices, even the Ibanez IBZ10B (10W) is adequate.
But the thing is, is it decent for a band(say around 5,6 people)

Anyway to pump up a 10 watt amp?

well you asked what's adequate- 10W is adequate... for lonesome indulgences at home... but seriously, it won't be enough for a band context. if you jam, i'm sure the studio has a bass amp loud enough to match the drums?