bass eq settings


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hi ppl, i need some advice on how to play around with my eq settings.

in particular, i wanna try reproduce flea's bassline in 'by the way'. anybody has any tips on how to get that kind of sound? thks.
Some things cannot be achieved through EQ. Like you can't get the TUBE sound by EQ ing It's the guitar,Amp, EFX and Mic used to get a certain sound
Wellz, I gotten the tone liaoz or something close to it.

I'm using a P J bass with DImarzio PU.

Try playing it in high volume with lots of gain. Put abit more mid and treble into the bass amp to make it more snappy

Yr tone knob should be max with the bridge pu to max and neck pu to 75%

This is to increase make yr signal hot so that it will overdrive the amp naturally.

If not.. u can always buy a bass overdrive pedal

haha tat applies for me -P

Hope that u can also