Bass Amp Recommendations?


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Hi guys I'm looking to get a new combo bass amp. Budget at about 400 and below. I was originally thinking of the Fender rumble 25 but Swee lee doesn't have it in stock and no information when it will come in. Currently looking at the Fender Bronco 40 but Swee Lee doesn't let me test it before making the purchase which makes it really ridiculous. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not looking for Hartke if anyone wants to refer me to the citymusic sale.
For combos, I would definitely try looking for ampegs, Eden Nemesis combos and even the Gallien-Krueger MB series. They do a 110w amp for less than 500bucks and it is pretty sick for its size.
I started off with a Laney RB2 which is pretty old school (Laney was popular in England back in the 90s), 30watts and it was a good practice amp.
Hmm, you may be able to pick up a nice Gallien-Krueger combo at Woodworks, for a more modern sound I guess it's worth considering!