Bartolnis On Squier


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Hello, me possesses a squier j bass.

Do you fellas know anything about the bartolini j pickups, and do you guys think its suitable? Quite cheap at 160 for a set

Your advice and replies are appreciated
yup I'd highly recommend bart pups. They're nice, warm and have very smooth highs. I had a fender with barts in there and it sounded better than many other jazzes I owned. Go for it!
go to youtube can listen to some of the basses that uses this pups,'see' if you like the way it sounds. well since its cheap you can just buy them and try them out.
I play for church, so mainly Gospel Rock. Also play Brit stuff like Oasis, Keane, Muse. Ive heard both their sounds and can't decide. So help me dude, thanks :)
get emg's then. the jx series, awesome sauce. it's big, punchy and and dynamic. great for rock stuff.
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maybe u can save up for a mid-range bass, then change the pups if necessary? unless u are not going to buy any more basses in future...