Band Photography


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hey Softies.

happy new year everyone. :)

i've been looking around and i can't really find a lot of photographers around here doing band photography and all. i've always had this inclination towards it, so as a part of expanding my portfolio this year i'm thinking of starting with some simple photoshoots for bands. we all know how a label likes some basic album art for demos and what not. is there anyone out there who needs it?

just a note, i'm not a professional photographer, i'm just a 15 year old with 4 years of experience starting with a handphone camera when i was 11 to a Canon 500D at the moment. i like to manipulate my shots and use lights to play around, which means i don't professional lights, and i don't like to use my flash that much. for now, i'm stuck with a solitary 18mm-55mm kit lens, and i need to save up some cold hard cash to buy some new lens.

so if there's anyone interested out there, i'm willing to do some simple shoots on weekends, i'll provide you with location + colour for clothes, after you give me your theme + genre. :) it's real simple from here, please note the amateurism of my business here. ;) i'm not thinking about money as of yet, i'm not sure whether i should do it free or charge, (i swear, if i charge, i'd charge below $50 for sure.) but it's still depends. just letting you guys know all the details so you can make an informed decision.

so if there's anyone interested, or you have any general inquiries at all, go ahead and PM me, or email me at thanks softies!