Band Looking for drummer to form thrash/modern metal/hard rock band!

Choong Jun Rong

New member
Hi, if you're anything like me, I would really like to be able to play some thrash/ modern/ groove/ power metal (think metallica, megadeth, trivium, lost society, fit for a king, bury tomorrow etc.) with a band (though I'm also open to other genres, but metal would be the focus!).

I'm a guitarist and have been playing for about 4 years and do not have a ton of practice on these metal songs. I feel like I would be more motivated to learn the whole song if done with a band. Currently left with a drummer, Preferably people who are in similar age ranges like me (20-30s). Not looking for anything too serious, but would love to be able to jam regularly (once every 1-2 wks), and be able to most importantly be okay with one another's progress (fast or slow!). If keen, pls dm me at 8435 3078, or tele @cjrdeluxe198.