Aurora Guitar String


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Hi Softies, Does anyone know where can I get Aurora Guitar strings. Bought it once from one of the Music School in Mercure Hotel Shopping Mall. Like it very much and decided to replace all my guitars with this strings. Today saw one of the shop in Queensway Shopping Centre selling Aurora Guitar Strings but only for acoustic. Where else can I look for Aurora Electric Guitar Strings.
available @ Davis GMC, do give them a call to check if they have the electric version...

btw- what's the reason for your liking?
Thanks Bro Sub. purchased the 09 Gauge and could hear the difference especially its crisp, clear sound from individual strings. Its also soft for bending and the 4th to 6th wounded strings are quite smooth. I'm not going for this strings for their colors. Will try and call them.
that's good to know; practicality above cosmetics