Atomic Amps...


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Anyone heard of the atomic amps? It combines an amp modeler with a tube amp.. what do u think of it and is it available in singapore? the website is here But the site is not complete yet... :D
I only saw a 20 watters. Like 200+ only. The distortion is killer sound, really "atomic". But the clean, not clean.
Errrr, I think Living Strings carries Hiwatt amps, not Atomic amps.

At S$200+, that can't be the Atomic Reactor amp that the original poster is referring to.
Hehehe... yah,dat was wat i was thinking... i went to the website,surf around and found out dat it list at $699... it should be in US dollars if i'm not wrong...
They do have one atomic amp. You can check wit other softies whom went to his shop and play around.

He showed us the 20 watters. Power distortion.

Like ive said, i only saw the 20 watters. =]
AFAIK, there is only one model of the Atomic Reactor amp, and it's rated at 18 watts RMS (read: tube watts and not solid state watts). It comes only in a 1X12 combo configuration.

Just to clarify, the Atomic Reactor is a slave amp. You won't be able to plug in your guitar straight to it. It's designed to be used in conjunction with an amp modeller, e.g. POD 2.0/XT, Vox Tonelab, Behringer V-amp, etc. However, it can be used with any preamp.

Newbie, is this the one you saw?

If this is indeed the one you saw selling for S$200, I'm there dude!