Argh, does ur video vibrate when u watch it?


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I used to have this problem, but i fixed it!! Now my pc having it again. Its where the video I wanna watch is watchable, but its shaking!! The audio is fine but hte rest shakes!!
There might be 2 possibilities,

1)Ur Monitor
2)Your Video Card may have some problem

Shaking or lagging? If shaking, pls dont watch porn anymore yan. Lagging, well..mainly coz of paging file memory n all those shit. Nt enuff free memory to run the videos..u have too many applications or something. Or low disk space..dunno. Try clearing yer norton protected files if any n run scndisk n clear away the useless stuff. Especially ur temp folder. Either tht or u can take a risk n try changing the paging file memory system. Or ur graphics might have problem..
Ahhh..codecs. The most irritating requirement nowadays. Especially when more n more ripped n burnt stuff r on the rise.
its shaking man. vibrating. its like the characters are dancing! anyway, wats FTW? is it F*ck The World?
oh man i got myself the ACE thingy and it did no difference. If only I remember what I did last time to solve the bloody prob
Use the time-honored art of percussive maintenance......

..........which means that you hit it with something, and yes, percussive maintenance is the official term used for that. :lol: