Apogee Duet for sale


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As above, $350. 10/10. Works with Mac OS El Capitan/Mavericks and till this date, still one of the BEST quality interfaces money can buy.

Still in use. Call/msg 93873011 to purchase/view. Perfect condition.
hi all. I have received really funny questions from buyers like if this is compatible with iOS, or they can't use firewire, etc........ so please read this before messaging me:

This model is capable of running Firewire 400/800, and isn't iOS compatible as this is a PROPER computer audio interface. If you want something for your iphone/ipad please get an iRig (which is not in the same quality range) or the brand new Apogee devices.

Only get this if you are interested in a home recording/monitoring solution of really high quality. Okthxbai