Anyone knows which shop in singapore carries fernandes guitars?

TYMC brings in the current models. Guitar 77 might have the 2nd hand old school strat copy type
I just went to ps, but no Fernandes in sight. Haha. I'm actually looking for their elite revolver. But I'm not buying yet. Just wanna see the real thing to satisfy some visual pleasure, instead of just the websites.
you shoul've stated what models u were looking for, sry man.
mostly burny les pauls and mockingbirds.
hardly any 'actual' fernandes, more burny
I bought the last Fernandes from PS about 2 years ago. The only ones left right now are the Burny Mockingbird. You can try to get TYMC to import if you are really keen, the guys there are friendly so you may wanna ask them how much it is before you buy it.

I think I did see a Fernandes at Guitar Connection? (the one opposite Music Theme) and a Burny but I'm not sure if it's still there.