ANyone know how to play pinch harmonics??

yeah, there was a thread on this recently..

hmm ok. first thing you gotta do is hold the pick with the tip barely visible. strike the string with the pick then touch the string immediately with your thumb. turning the distortion up will make it a lot easier too..
oh was doing some testing out of this.. really sucked at this but now i'm quite fine

when u pick with ur hand, point ur thumb at 45° to ur strings downwards... ur holding style of the pick is EXACTLY THE SAME... remember that when u play harmonics and normal note its just a slight action difference and not a whole position of the thumb on the pick difffrence...

sum1 posted a vid lesson on this before.. thats useful for understanding how artificial hormonics work but he's not doing it the right way on the acoustic...

about the 45° thingy... to help u understand, its like when u can play the guitar slung on ur shoulders and the neck pointing 45° up (standing up), or u play the electric guitar in a classical position where the guitar rest on ur left leg (if u play right handed) instead of the casual right leg... u notice ur thumb will be 45° relative to ur strings...

when u get the position right, the next step is to know where to bite ur strings... a good place on a strat would be around above ur middle single pickup... but note that u can get a harmonic out almost anywhere u bite just that it wouldn't be clear... try different areas to get different intervals

so to make it simple after all that, u're wondering "wth? bite the strings? huh?" its just a poking motion of ut thumb... just thrust ur hand with the 45° thumb postion in the direction of the thumb (that'd be 45° downwards) and make sure the side of ur thumb (around the same lvl of the part where ur nail grows out) touches the strings for a slight moment after immediately picking it and move it away... all this in 1 swift motion just like a normal picking... :þ
jeremyrozario said:
check out the video here

the guy gives some decent lessons, also if you're interested, u can check out his other lessons
ya la was refeing to this 1... his pyhsic lessons are good... but the way he does his artificial harmonics is just a starter to get u going...

not practical la the sticking thumb out of pick technique... takes too long to do that when u wanna add hormonics to ur faster then avearge solos...

but the vid is a good reference though... very clear teh way he explain