anyone here remember SOLFUSION???


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anyone remember them? i remembered seeing them performed in the Street Festival (i think) 2-3yrs back. not a bad prog band. (of course there are others...) they were influenced by DR. anw, i found a CDR copy of their cd/demo and would like to share them here:

the song titles:
1 - revolution (4.59)
2 - drag it down (10.17)
3 - rain (7.59)

the line-up for this recording:
leng - voice
danny & prem - guitars
joseph - keys
thomas - bass
kalai - skins
yup..happened to walk past paragon when they were doing some delay tapping intro to their song... cool shit man ...
at that time it was bani hidir playing drums for them though... they kicked ass...
ohhh... ok! that is interesting... bani hidir is playing for them now... last i heard of the band, they were going through a lot of personnel changes, not too sure who are in the band now actually... dunno if they are still a 6piece outfit also.

i feel they are one underated local prog band. but the vocals in this recording could be a bit better tho'... anw i hope a lot of u guys/gals here try and have a listen if u like prog stuff.
Vaiyen said:
is it the band with the shredding guy keyboardist?
hehehehehhe... i'm not sure tho'. but i saw them 2-3yrs back. and yes, they have parts where the guitarist, then the keyboardist, then the other guitarist do a "long" solo thingy. then the vocals come in again... listen to the tracks, there is a"keyboard solo thingy" in one of the songs.