Any1 got contacts for printing T-Shirts??


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I'm looking at a b&w design on a white T and would like to print 50pcs first. Any info..pls reply... :D
you can try lips or cheeks at far east plaza i think. they do printing stuff and it's much cheaper in bulk. (like yours)

i think they're on level 2. search around, you'll find them. they sell punk accesories, pendants, boots, leather etc. one is near a video shop, the other is near a chicken rice stall.
queensway shopping centre. got a few shops. quality wise for the shirt not bad.

price reasonable as well. i went to check out with my friend when he wanted to print his band t shirt.
Me too, got one printed for my business. worked out to be about $20 i think. surely you can get a bulk deal.