any local band performance? (lze'fier.)

huh? what is this kenn asking?

now JINGLE is asking. lol~ kidding. =P will there be any local band performance next yr? thot there'll be a gig? is it still on? ;)
try posting at the l'ze fier forums.

hmm interestingly i haven't ever heard kenn sing main vocals before.

i guess probably later part of next year since l'ze fier is coming up with an album.
yep, mainly chinese songs. nah..i prefer the forums here to lzefier's. i don't like to be "crazy", y'know. heh~ :wink: yep. heard that they gonna cut an album. quite cool. local music, i'll definitely support. *wee!*

there's also other good chinese bands like RustyNails........ LANG REN ZU.......... they also got originals.......

since u support local chinese bands....... do keep a look out on these bands........

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
rusty of xjapan's songs.. heh~ yes, but how to keep a lookout?

not much good bands out there anymore.. cept, xjapan, beyond & shin. but xjapan & beyond gone already.. left shin.

& heard that local chinese bands are cool, so i've trying to check all of 'em out. :)
will keep u posted if any of these local bands got gigs.......

btw.... LANG REN ZU just got gig last sat.......

keep u inform if these any more in future.....