Any Jems or Rg 550 and Above for sale?


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i'm looking for Jem 77FP and earlier models...also Rgs 550 and above. Prolly with lo pro edge or edge trems...pls mail me at if you got one to let go. thanks

Also looking for pink neon green humbuckers PAF PROs. for both bridge and neck positions... any ideas where to get them or selling them pls drop me a mail too thanks
just curious, because there's another ad here specifying similar acquisitions- why do you want a JEM/ RG550?

i wanted a jem or Rg cos i prefer the thin neck profiles and the trem systems. plus they look great when i modify them. my current gibson les paul standard and fender jap strat feels and plays great but variety is my favourite. Ibanezrules has great stuff..i ever enquired Rich (who owns) the site and it wouldnt be fact it be more expensive then taking off the shelf at sweelee...hence the reason for 2nd hand :roll:

Still i'm looking for sellers. :twisted:
ah i see... thanks for replying. btw, you can get coloured Dimarzios from swee lee, i got my yellow PAF there...

Last i checked with swee lee bras basah the guy told me there wasnt any other coloured pickups anymore cos they couldnt find a market here...wonder when you got ur yellow pafs..must be cool..expensive too huh. guess i got to get them overseas..

Still looking for Jems and Rgs :twisted:
ah, that explains why the pickups i saw were all black/ white/ cream only... i got mine a long time ago, it helped to brighten up my RG here:

there's a shop next to GG that sells Dimarzios too. maybe that's your next best chance... good luck my friend 8)

hey thanks for posting pictures of your cool RG. yeah they only got them white and black..totally boring...haha...yeah i will look around for some..

about that marshall micro stack hows it? looks pretty interesting huh...hows the tone and stuff?

Still looking for Jems and Rgs :twisted:
the Marshall stack is a surprise package. it's a variation of the 15W MG series but the twin, closed back cabs made all the difference. i wouldn't recommend anyone buying the non-stack version as it sounds very shrieky, lacking bass markedly. but this stack is a different story, the more you crank it up at high gain, the more it rewards you. if you are a sloppy picker, you better buck up before playing this one... 8)

i did a review of it in the GEAR NEWS 2004 thread, do check it out in your free time.
Subversion..nice effort u got there dolling up your RG. It must sound pretty hot. Notice that you even a a high output single coil at the middle position. Is that a fast trek or something?
that's right my friend, it's Dimarzio's Fast Track2. the neck pickup is Duncan's Lil '59. although the bridge PAF is the lowest output unit in this Ibanez, it packs lots of punch at high gain settings. i especially paid lots of attention to this guitar because it's my first electric, bought it way back in 1991...

wow...thanks for the i can look at the Marshal Ministack and understand whats it all about.. thanks for all the help SUB think i'll just have to keep waiting and hoping!~

1991 was a long time ago~~~

Still looking for Jem/RGs/PGMs :twisted:
no probs, good things come to those who wait.

the early '90s was a boring time to buy a fancy guitar due to the grunge movement setting in. bands were using unfanciful guitars & the industry was bombarded by minimalistic playing style...

yeah i bet... i was kinda not onto guitar yet...but i was not into Grunge...i was into cinderella,winger,def leppard just to name a few..heeh...they really helped to build my objective when i got about the guitar

But hell shame...wish i'd been born earlier..i would have snapped lotsa goodies back then..haah
the 80s guitar related materials are worth hunting today.

Cinderella/ Winger/ Krokus/ Armoured Saint/ Steel Heart/ MSG/ Europe among others got me started on guitar, too.
Jems / RG

Cool but too had alot of backlash in the past. i guess the music just moves me. 8)

anyway still sourcing for Jems 77FP and earlier models
Now also looking at PGMs with floyds...hahaa :p
and RG550/ 570 in wacky colours like desert yellow,pink blah blah :twisted:

and Pickups Paf pro in hot pink,green. :lol:

thanks for browsing :wink:
OMG! after i saw this thread... i realized my folks named me after a.... guitar?!? =P

it'd be cool to own a guitar that has my name on it huh?
jemstone said:
OMG! after i saw this thread... i realized my folks named me after a.... guitar?!? =P

it'd be cool to own a guitar that has my name on it huh?

JEM's are great guitars, I wish I owned one. One of Steve Vai's signature guitars, if you don't know him check him out.

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