Any good 4 string bass to reccomend ??

think i'm a fan of yamaha bass. with that money maybe u can try the BB404, i think maybe u can get it around 700. never really check the price out except surfing the music plaza site. else if u have alittle more cash try bb604. i reccomand BB series over RBX due to the the

Construction: Bolt-on
Scale Length: 34''
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Radius: 10''
Frets: 24
Body: Alder
Bridge: Die-cast
Pickups: Humbucker(Ceramic) x 2
Controls: Front Volume, Rear Volume, Master Tone

reason is the guitar weight is not bad.. it is very versatile in many playing .. the bad thing is.. it dont look really cool .. my own points of view i wont recomand RBX cause neck to small .. sound too dry.. weight unbalance if u are looking for a 'better' bass.

another bass will recomand is fender American Jazz Bass made in USA only USA model k not squier or mexico or japan or any else. but i think over 1k

personal preference to me i think most bass player sot of will start of with fender bass reason is it is one of the most versatile bass contructed.. the neck length is just right. frets apart is just right .. easy control to bass neck .. sound good. weight is good

MODEL NAME American Jazz Bass (Upgrade)
MODEL NUMBER 019-3460-(Color #) and 019-3462-(Color #)
SERIES American Series
[Fender Color Chart]
(700)* 3-Color Sunburst, add $50.00,
(706) Black,
(722) Sunset Orange Transparent, Ash Body, add $150.00 for Special Wood Requirements,
(725) Chrome Red,
(750) Butterscotch Blonde,
(791) Chrome Silver,
(Polyurethane Finish)
New! [Fender Color Chart]

BODY Alder on:
(700)* 3-Color Sunburst,
(706) Black,
(725) Chrome Red,
(750) Butterscotch Blonde,
(791) Chrome Silver,
Ash on:
(722)** Sunset Orange Transparent,
NECK Graphite Reinforced Maple, Modern “C” Shape,
(Satin Polyurethane Finish)
MACHINE HEADS Cast / Open-Back
FINGERBOARD Rosewood p/n (019-3460) or Maple p/n (019-3462), (9.5” Radius/241 mm)
NO. OF FRETS 20 Medium Jumbo Frets
PICKUPS 2 American Jazz Bass Single-Coil Pickups (Mid & Bridge)
CONTROLS Volume 1. (with S-1 Switch) (Neck Pickup),
Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup),
Master Tone
BRIDGE American (Strings-Thru-Body)
PICKUP SWITCHING 2-Position Push/Push S-1 Switch:
S-1 Switch Up: Pickups in Parallel,
S-1 Switch Down: Pickups in Series
STRINGS Super Bass 8250M NPS, p/n 073-8250-006,
Gauges: .045, .065, .085, .110TW (Taperwound E)
CASE Standard Molded Case
PICKGUARD 3-Ply Parchment On:
(700)* 3-Color Sunburst,
(706) Black,
(722) Sunset Orange Transparent,
1-Ply Black On:
(750) Butterscotch Blonde,
3-Ply Black/White/Black On:
(725) Chrome Red,
(791) Chrome Silver
SCALE LENGTH 34” (864 mm)
WIDTH AT NUT 1.50” (38mm)
Posiflex™ Graphite Neck Support Rods,
Rounded Body Shape,
Rolled Fingerboard Edges
ACCESSORIES Standard Molded Case

the most uncommon between this bass and many other different standard of fender bass is the BRIDGE American '(Strings-Thru-Body)' the strings will go thru the hole from the bass and to the bridge. and the upgrade version include S1 switch which some of the old series do not have.

if u are considering mid range bass this are some of it that is quite avaliable in singapore..
if u are getting an advance bass there are many brands that are good and yet to discover in singapore like fbass, zon, modules, status, warwick, ibanez soundgear, erniesball stingrays, yamaha trb series and many more yet to list out.
Well, <$700 probably won't get you very much if you're buying new. I suggest looking through the classifieds here, awakening and luther to get a better bang for your buck. You might also wanna save just a little more to push that amount into the $1000 region... that would definitely get you into the slightly upper middle scheme of things - especially if you buy used :)

I just sold off my trusty SR990 at $750 - and that was a steal. It's Japan made and the quality is top notch... not to mention I had it set up, restringed and all... oh well. Enough about that.

About the other various brands that antrence mentioned... those are pretty hard to come by over here brand new, let alone used.

I second the Yamaha as well. They have really decent basses, but make sure you try out the bass before you buy it. It has to feel and sound right to YOU. Another brand you might want to consider is Reverend - especially the Rumblefish 5L. I can sell you one of those for about $1200 if you're interested :D
yup certainly with money and u want a good bass a new bass u can get many of what u want... u not able to get a real good bass that is between 500 to 900 if want a first hand might as well safe abit more something that u prefer and enjoy and will keep well for life... bass are rather expensive... soundgear is very cool i know many bass player who use that.. but to my preference i find it either too light or the fret are too small for my fingers.. and u also must see if u want active pick ups or passive pickup.
yamaha bass must try one.. even same model the feeling is different.. and some bass like ibanez i always feel that the neck, the tension already set very tight and the feeling of trustrod may snap any time haha.. ok i guess that was the 'olden' days now they are better in mantaining the bass.. and if u are an experience bassplayer, u will know that they have already try to adjust the neck till its limits..
i hate bad neck due to my first bass give me alot of problem with neck so any bass with neck problem i will not accept.. buzz buzz high action. arggghh..

then after that u will need a good bass amp right? hahha i like SWR super redhead still the best.. yet i cant afford it .. the punch is killer..

cherns u seem like a bass collector wow.. surely u have alot of bass to sell off.
I never have more than 3 basses with me at a time. So I guess that doesn't qualify me as a collector anymore :)
i'd recommed the following but they exceed your budget...:

*Music Man SUB bass
*Fender Highway1 P/J bass, both are fine units...
Hey guys thanks for ur help man but they really seem to be off my budgets the ones you guys are reccomending hahaha. Hmmm tat time i saw a fretless bass yahama bbn404III i tink or sometink like tat hmm seems cool the sounds is nice but is damn hard to play any comments on a fretless bass? i saw that washburn bass on sale at swee lee's 699 pwer force 4 seems gd. but dun really noe abt washburn's guitars
A fretless bass really isn't that hard to play. I've never played a fretless bass before this year, but when I recently acquired a 6 string fretless, it didn't take me very long to get fairly competent (intonation wise) on it :)
It's really a matter of devoting a good hour or so a day to proper practice.

If you're more of a fingerstyle player and don't slap much, I'd advise you to go and try out a decent fretless. It might just change your mind about things - the AC6 did that to me ;)

Oh, one more thing. You can play a fretless in a manner that makes it sound like a fretted, but you can never play a fretted and make it sound like a fretless (unless of course you are using a Roland midi module - which is a whole different ballgame anyways :D )
the cort curbow or artisan series basses are pretty okay. not sure whether artisan is within your 700 budget.. but the curbow definitely is. well-made, bartolini electronics. sounds decent, looks cool too. and very lightweight. check it out at sweelee.
I don't know much about washburns... but I wouldn't hazard $699 on it.
If you're really out on a tight budget, I managed to find these great deals on luther for you.

Fender Precision Special '97 California series US Made). passive P/J pickups,Black body,maple neck/fingerboard,gold anodized pickguard.Great Jaco tone on the Jazz pickup & great bottom on the Prec-pickups.Best of both worlds.Slim Jazz type neck.In great condition.$950 firm. Pls email if interested. lowlife6 at yahoo dot com

IBANEZ ROADSTAR 2 Bass for sale. Precision picksups. Mint condition. WITH HARD CASE goign at $450. Email to deal. pics can be sent upon request. GRAB THE OFFER NOW!

Selling my bass more playing:(1)Warwick Streamer Std 5.made in Germany
Picture here $900 sms: 98275820

and if you can manage to afford this...

great condition ERNIE BALL MUSICMAN BONGO 5 string bass for sale - MM p/up in the bridge & MM single at the neck. 24 frets rosewood 'board - high gloss LAVA PEARL (reddish/brownish) - 18 v great versatile tone. currently only one in s'pore - ownwer asking $1900.00 very negotiable. no case.pls email.

As always, make sure you get to spend some time with the bass to feel/hear whether it's the right one for you. You'll know it when it happens :)
that warwick is certianly a good buy .. toooooooo bad i lack of cash .. haiz... :? nah i should be happy with my trb6.. :)
fretless playing is really different compare to a fret bass.. u have to get used of the spacing and control it well near the 'fret' it is not a bass for begginer or just below advance i think .. it sound good when u do jazz playing walking jazz and alot of sliding and stuff.. which a fret bass cant really produce that well.. 8O
i owned a fender usa jazz bass but ha dont think i intend to sell if i can get a good price for it.. :cry: cause i intend to do some modification to it... :wink:
any recomand way of modification? :twisted: the bad thing about fender is it is hard to change to a active pickup which once my teacher did it with a nd EMG long ago :idea: .. u have a battery hanging out.. :!: but it has been sometime ago since i saw that.. :roll:
Stalefish - you've got pm :)

Antrence - how are you intending to modify your bass? I presume that it's presently a passive bass right? If you want to change it to an active one, you have to check to see if your control cavity has enough space for a preamp. If it doesn't, you might wanna think about carving out a little more space in there for one :)

Other ways in which you can modify your bass...
- stripping the paint, sanding down the contours and hand rubbing it with oil for a natural finish
- changing the neck
- Defretting
- Changing the shape of the headstock

I disagree that a fretless bass is only for advanced players - think about all those 6 and 7 year olds playing the violin, viola, cello... it's not about how good you have been on the fretted. It's really just about practice. Anyone can do it :D
i understand that too .. :: yah all about practice.. haha..
yah did defretting stripe the paint and stuff on my bass before.. it is certianly a hell of a life time.. taking away part of my bass i rather not tried yet cause ain that skillful or i know anyone who do that.
Hmmmmm cus i really wanna try fretless. haha but tink it might take awhile to be able to play decently with it. Hey anybody can enlighten me wads bass effects for and the passive and avtive pickups which u guys have been talkin abt
Hey Leslie,

We aren't talking about any kinda effects... in fact you'll find that most bassists hardly use any - after spending tons of dough and time just to reach "that sound", the last thing you wanna do is to put it through a daisy chain of pedals and effects. Sacrilege!! :D What we were talking about is fitting an onboard eq onto antrnce's bass. The only effect I mentioned was the Roland VG-8, but that only works if you have a midi unit like an RMC Polydrive I. That's the last thing you should concern yourself with at this point in time.

Hmm... if you really want to try a fretless, the best advice I'd give to you is to go and get one :) After you've invested in one, you'd naturally spend the time needed to go and practice on it. Proficiency will follow naturally as a result of proper practice ;)

That being said, don't go and get a crappy bass which will turn you off playing because it feels/sounds so bad.
hey yar get wad u mean wad i mean is the bass effects. as in the pedals n stuff tat. cus tat time i saw a bassist usin 1 of dem so out of curiosity i am askin here wad the hell its for hahaha. Dosent seen relevant though
effect hmm bassist seldom use effect .. and i'm not into them ...
if must used most of them will get bass compressor, equalizer, else a chorus thats is what most people need for bass.. and i'm not interested in a wah wah it make bass sound stupid.. u can create more amazing sound from bass itself