Any Gd Noise Suppressor to Recommend??


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hey peeps, i need to get a gd noise suppressor which only cancel hum n dun eat away its tone, anyone gt gd recommendations?
imho, a noise supressor is not meant to get rid of the hum, as for tone eating, it will, to a certain extend. Especially if you are using high gain and trying to get rid of the hissing sound in the background with a noise supressor...

To minimise/eliminate the hum, maybe can try shielding, using humbucker PU(usual single coil will hum, unless using some of the noiseless single coil PU etc)

Another way to lower the noise, use better cable, patch cable, lower the gain etc

If everything that can be changed had already been changed, maybe can chk the surrounding where you play the guitar, any computer/lightting around that might create inteference with the guitar PU.

Latsly, a boss supressor will do the job in most cases, some like it, some dont like. Another choice is the rocktron hush pedal. If still dont want, then can check this one out, the ISP tech decimator noise reduction pedal, seem quite positive from reviews, but locally think no one bring it in, so have to buy over the net...

Oh, forgot to add in, is the noise/hum very obvious when playing in a band context or just playing in the room by yourself?

If in the band context, even when the drumm, bass, 2nd guitar in, you still can hear the hum/noise, then maybe can start with shielding, using of better cable, turning down the gain, increase the mid. IF in a band context and the noise/hum only obvious when no instrument is played, then turn down the volume knob on the guitar....

If playing by yourself in a room, the usual hum/noise will seem like becoming louder, but in actual fact, it coud be the mind being too bother on it. If you still want to find out the cause, then maybe can try this

1)plug you electric guitar straight into the amp, turn up to the usual volume where you experince the hum/noise, is it still obvious? If still as bad, try changing cables or find some guitar tech to do shielding

2)Slowly add in the pedals, one by one and check which pedal will cause the most noise. Eliminate that in the chain and maybe you be satisfied with it.

If all had been done and still no use, hmmm, then i also dont know whats wrong already, pardon me.

cheers :D
if it's something to do w pedals..

Could be also that some of your pedals are DC powered..
or maybe u r using the wrong adaptor for the pedals..
or the adaptor are the ones producing the hums..
or if some connections are not fitted in properly..
if you are playing at home, don't face your guitar at the amp, but away from it. off tv n other stuff too