Any funk guitarist here?

ermm i'm abit into funk,the only funk band i listen to is RHCP, and i really listen to it alot. John Frusciante is one of my biggest influence..

Unfortunately, using a les paul is soo not funky, i dying for those SSS stratocasters
Depends on your definition of Funk .... I used to listen to Lee Ritenour, Greg Howe, Mike Stern, Although considered Fusion Jazz ... but the playing is Funk to the Core!

I think RHCP is more Funk+Rock.
funk is the realm of bass! haha. listen to some jamiroquai , or earth wind and fire for oldschool funk. funk's something i truly enjoy.
oh yes ... yellow jackets ... and dun forget the metoerological informatiion from weather report.

Tower of power gets boring after awhile ... the songs sounds the same one after another.