Any electric violin enthusiasts around?


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Howdy folks! I just bought a 5 string Yamaha SV-255 violin in the hopes that it would sound more like an acoustic violin right out of the box. Turns out, the tone of the SV255 sounds very electric just like my old SV150, but never mind. It's still good for playing Southern Fried Rock and Metal. hahaha

Maybe Yamaha had originally intended the SV255 electric violin to be a monster rocking Heavy Metal machine!!! haha

Well, if you would like to achieve an acoustic violin sound from your Yamaha Silent violin, one way is to use the "Fantasy" effect that is included in the older external SV150 pre-amp box. haha

If you have any other methods to make a Yamaha Silent violin sound acoustic like a real hollow body violin, please kindly post a thread and share your info? I have not found another way yet. Thanks!
I don't know how to keep the distortion under control for electric violin, guitar I have palm to mute how about violin? I've no idea
Palm muting on electric violin

Here's a hilarious clip of silly old me palm muting on my electric fiddle. haha

Yes, I do LOVE distortion alot. hahaha

Have a nice day!