Any Def Leppard Fans?

me! I loved my recently-acquired Hysteria.
I heard that Pyromania is even better. really looking forward to getting it.
I bought their Greatest Hits album as I wanted to know what were they made of and because the word "Greatest Hits" which obviously implies that there is something great in them :p
Oh yeah - The Leps - I love 'em.

Favourite song = Hysteria. Great riff.

I got that album + Vault.

Did you know, the album Hysteria took 3 years to record due to the punishing perfectionism of Mutt Lange - the producer? They literally recorded that album 1 note at a time... :|
2 steps behind suffered the same fate but not as jia lat lah...

it took them 9 months to get it recorded for a simple acousitc song!!!!