Any competition like the school of rock next year?


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Hey i was thinking will there ba a com like the school of rock where the champ will win and an i missed the com due to some things but some how if ever there will be next year i won't miss it for the world!!
I don't think they will... But we'll have to see, eh? I'm sure there will be lots of comps.

And yep, of course the champ will win ;)
well yeah the management deal is double edged, i guess.

if they look out for your best interests as aligned with their best interests then that's good for the winner.

if they look out for their best interests without much regard for what you want to do then that's probably not so good for the winner.
Re: ouh ok

Gummy_BeaR said:
Well its great like if its like only for teens,like the sch of rock..
But hmm is that a confirm thing?

yeah, sch of rock is fer teens but BATTLE OF THE BAND i'm not that sure. the last time my peepz took part, they were the youngest of all the participants. they were like seventeen...eighteen? yeah. sought of like that.