Amp Head -> Amp?


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Hmm... wondering... what's the difference if you plug an amp head to another amplifier instead of a speaker?
I think you will fry the head cause of the output transformer. Whatever the case is, please don't do it.
NEVER!!!!! EVER!!!! Plug the speaker out from one amp to the input of another amp!!!!!

I have actually seen an idiot who done this, came to me with a TOTALLY FRIED amp. Pre-amp blown, power amp blown, speaker could also have blown but not since it's overrated.

Mike pointed something important there .... don't plug the speaker output into any of the inputs on another amp.

I missed that in my first post having assumed you were aware of such potential amp-destroying issue.

To further elaborate, you can plug the line-out of the 1st amp into the power amp input of the 2nd amp.

Do this if you like your 1st amp's preamp tone but wish to capitalise on the poweramp of the 2nd amp.

oh my gosh... i didn't know about all these.

thanks to those that replied... else i would have thought otherwise.
actually what would happen if you were to run the effects send into the effects return of another amp? or what if you sent a preamp into the effects return of another amp? would there be adverse effects (don't mind the pun)?
I've seen pple do that on some rigs that have multiple amps....basically if the effects loop is switchable then it allows u to have different fx n amps config to produce different sounds....but essentially its the same as plugging the line out from the 1st amp into the power amp input of the 2nd amp as JMguitars have pointed out....