Alternative Rock, need Vox,Drums,Bass,Guitars.



TLDR; If you listen to VersaEmerge, Tonight Alive, Paramore, Halestorm, Automatic Loveletter, Kenotia, Evolett then I'm looking for you!

Gonna start an alternative rock band, need a drummer, bassist, another guitarist and hopefully a female vocalist.

Probably start out doing some cover and stuff, will do originals as soon as the lineup if fixed.

I am 18y/o Chinese Male, influenced by progressive metal/metal/alternative rock/rock/ fusion and stuff that sounds good. I listen to the likes of Dream Theater, Versaemerge, Automatic Loveletters, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Tesseract, Paramore, Evolett, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Queen, Halestorm... etc. Been playing guitar for more than 5 years now, have basic theory knowledge and some recording knowledge.

Working towards a direction more towards an alternative/ progressive style probably with some heavy/dark elements to it. Something like Versaemerge's Perceptions and their self-titled album. Instead of coming up with generic radio stuff, how about a mixture of different genres and styles while still appealing to many.

hopefully someone who can keep time well, play to a click (might use backing tracks for some stuffs), and can come up with some good grooves.

Bassist: one that knows his/her instrument well, preferably one that has played the bass for awhile

*(found one) Guitarist: must have good sense of harmony, has own gear and knowing a bit of theory would help.

Female vox: Someone who is diverse, can adapt well to different types of genre and its good if you have a good sense of melody. (able to sing in key is a must)

Drop me a PM if you're interested, attach some video/demo of yourself if you have one.

I know this will take awhile to find the right people so this thread might be around here for quite sometime. Meanwhile check out some of my playing in the links below.
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I run a studio, play drums and does vocals.
Am looking for a band that can commit.
Used to play for church and manage the music ministry but left due to personal reasons.
What kind of music do you guys play?:)

I'm more of alternatives/rock, eg:
Daughtry, Nickel Back, Simple Plan, The Fray, Paramore, Cold Play, Kings of Leon, 30secs to Mars, Muse, etc.
Looking forward for your reply:)
my number is 97956617

That's a drummer there, on your comment.. Still can't find your drummer? I am a drummer too, if you want me I don't mind but I am afraid that you will scare of me.. Lol.. My look like those Bring me to the Horizon those type.. I wanna have a band who can commit and who are friendly.. I used to have 4 bands but most of them keep on giving me the same reason that they are busy.. Zzz..