Alternative Act

Ben Ishiyama-Levy

New member

Multi instrumentalist active in the UK scene in the 2000/2010s with a few Bands and records behind Looking for a drummer, guitarist/bassist or multi instrumentalists to pluck a few songs from my catalog to get started and keep on making fresh ones.

General styles:
Alternative, noise, electronics, shoegaze, math, quiet/loud, post, indie, metal, jazz, chanson

My tunes:

Scratch pad:

Speak soon!
Hello! May I know more about your band, just listened to some of your stuff, its interesting! (really like POP) :)
I play electric guitar

Currently looking to get it back on track, hence looking for a guitarist, drummer & bassist.
There's a ton of songs ready to roll - and more to be produced - cross-musical genres.
Glad you liked it!

Idea is to get started while the lineup is put together.