Airbrushing the guitar


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Anyone knows how much does it cost to do a body, pickguard and headstock airbrush?

What about airbrushing only the headstock to remove the logo?

Is Music Factory the only place that does this?


I dont have contacts in SIngapore but have done something similar for my own guitar with NNG Guitars in Thailand. I find Prasit's pricing quite competitive. Best to email him as its hard to understand his spoken English.
I know a company called LGM...he does almost everything from changing yr neck to JEM with inlays , to air brushing changing the total design by giving him a drawn copy of what u want. jeremys cool but i guess the price is high too. My friend redid his RG to JEM style for $1600.
Thailand? Gosh, that's a long way to go for a guitar airbrush.

Looks like it ain't cheap to do it. Oh well, until someone offers a cheaper service, looks like the airbrushing will have to wait.

Thanks you all

ever thought of DIY? i remember seeing some books in the l;ibrary before..can't confirm this though. But eh better seek professional help if u don't wan to spoil yr guitar. Maybe Beez can help or give advice.