Adding figured top to guitars


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I am planning to put a maple top on my guitar, but there are, however, some things that still bugs me before I buy the veneers and begin my project. I have not stripped my guitar yet.

Whenever I see guitars with figured top on our local guitar shops, they seem to be very thick. Especially those Les Pauls. I was just wondering if the size like 1/42 (Dont ask me cm or inch, I just remembered its 1/42) on a guitar is still considered a guitar with a top or not. Err what I meant to say was if it will make any difference or anything. I just don't want my guitar to get THAT thick, it's a superstrat guitar. Another question is, what type of gloss can I get to get that shiny looking guitar like that of and ESP/LTD guitars? That "wet" looking guitar. It would be better if you can tell me the brand name (if the forum rule allows to) from our local paint shop or anything. And what type of glue must I use to stick the top onto the guitar wood?

Oh and if the body has a contour, is it still possible to bend the veneer? The top part of the body has no contour, but the back part has, I just just thinking about making both sides. Thinking of refinishing too. Erm, green and purple burst. yummy.

Thank you for your time!

Thanks, that helped a lot, although I've visited that site many many times already. I've stripped my guitar now :) I will begin my journal for adding veneers to my guitar as of now :) Will post it once it is done! Thanks!