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hey guys! any recommendation for a nice mellow sounding and lasting acoustic guitar? preferably dreadnought + cutaway. thanks!
if you want a mellow sound, then go for guitar with solid cedar top and not spruce. From seagull's website, i think they use lots of cedar as the soundboard. Seagull is a good choice for quality at affordable price.

I found this ad from luther website:

Selling a good condition Seagull S6 Cedar Solid top. Includes hardcase. $400 negotiable. For more details, check out: please check out

Maybe you can try this. I'm not related to him in any way. But i'd try it out if i had not buy a guitar 1 month ago.
ya, abt my acoustic guitar.. anyone know where can i find a shop to fix my guitar? The action setup a bit high, i've tried my best to lower it.. but i gave up. Don't dare to do much to my precious.

Can pls tell me the place and also the price if possible.. i'm still a student, can't spend too much on it, at the same time asking for good servrice.. paiseh.. :lol:
Just drop by Excelsior today... i didn't know there are so many guitar shops there... if you want a good acoustics at affortable prices why not try those maestro guitars... i am quite impressed by their quality and sound.

I think they also provide setup(adjusting your action) for your guitar... price i dunno... why not you give them a buzz? The namecard says they are open 12 to 7pm weekends and sat... number to call 63378687