Acoustic bass


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Anyone know where to get a really cheap one. Doesn't really have to be good sounding. Just something to bring around without lugging an amp.
Sorry to interrupt, but is there a major diff acoustic or not >_> just never heard an acoustic bass before :oops:
dude..check out the shop at excelsior..the one infront of luthermusic...i saw one tat day..not too expensive n look good too...
oh here .. i know one shop that sells one for about 260..

music theme at peace centre. the shop opposite the aquarium .

We have an acoustic bass in my church. The only thing I noticed is that acoustic has kin of a lower output than an electric bass, and different (somewhat) timbre. Unplugged, the ac bass is inaudible (??). So somehow, still need to plug in, acoustic or not. Maybe it's just this piece...
the last time i watched the deftones acoustic video of "my own summer"-i think, the bass sounded alright, so i guess its just your church's acoustic bass.
acoustic basses are still meant to be played plugged into an amp. acoustic simply means a different type of tone. it's not the same as acoustic guitar vs electric guitar.

if you want to play a bass that doesn't require an amp, u should be looking at an upright bass.