About Soapbar pickups and brands


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Hi, I do not know much about guitars, so I have to ask some noobie questions.

1)Do anyone of you guys use the Ibanez Jet King jtk3? I read about it on Swee Lee online catalog and it says it has soapbar pickups. I know what is a single coil and humbucker, but what is a soapbar pickup?

2) What is your opinion of Cort guitars?

3)Also, in the catalog, there are only the famous brands like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and such. Do you know any other brands of electric guitar that are good quality, and where can I buy them?

the soapbar pickup is a single coil unit, a fatter-sounding version. tone-wise, it sits between a single coil & humbucker pickups. the soapbar is also referred to by the industry as a P-90 pickup.