About Dream Theater Live In New York

i have a dvd rip of scenes from ny. awesome show esp with the black female singer and the choir in the spirit carries on if im not wrong. as for worth i dunno how much it costs but i'd say pretty good.
if you like their Scenes From a Memory album alot....and also some tracks like A Change of Seasons, then i highly recommend this dvd :wink:
its very awesome, did anyone notice the picture of a BURNING TWIN TOWERS in the hear? or is it near the heart.
I saw Dream Theater live in America. I can't stop saying it. They blew Megadeth out of the water! I saw Dream Theater live in America. I saw Dream Theater live in America.
Well, I got Live at Budokan, and i must say, that DVDs damn good!! Especially Instrumedley and In the name of god!
lee89 - I have the Live in NY with me. I bought at Lazerflair at $29.90. Duration time approx. 190 mins.
Worth buying. Scenes from a Memory is one of my favourite albums.

That's all I can describe about Images & Words+ 5 Years In A Lifetime, Scenes from New York & Live In Budokan dvds that I have. For your info guyz, I bought all of them at Lazerflair. Next coming out is Live in S'pore hahaha...( will happen only when your dreams & day unite)
I've got the DVD as well, $29.90 from some VCD/DVD shop in Bedok. Cool gig but I think the sound could've been better, plus I find the intercutting acting 'scenes' to be a bit cheesy. But overall, it's worth the price I paid for.
Hey Mr_X, should have. In the Scenes from NY u go to Bonus Materials. Then u click to Deleted Scenes. In it u can find Erotomania, The Silent man, Learning to Live & A Change Of Seasons.
It's Mike Portnoy man, it's just fun watching him play drums cos he's so animated and so into it. He makes it seems effortless and he's clearly up there onstage having fun. Portnoy rocks!
it was excellent!

but also IMHO,the vocals were not exactly in his best that day...

he did went off pitch i think...

but it happens to all of us...

still...GET IT!ITS GREAT!!!