A Touching Junior College Love Story


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Here's a touching JC love story! Hope you all like it!


Feel free to comment!

it was nice.... though jacky wu zhong xian shouldnt have been the name of the guy... hahhaah

btw i realised landy was full of shit very early on...
a complete waste of time.. endings not included waster my 1 1/2 hr reading.. i was abt to think its getting very touching then comes the conclusion.. that's when i spout out every profanity i know...


THE AUTHORS GONNA GET IT FOR WASTING 1 hour of my time! :smt067

ehehe :p
hey jiro post it man....i haf to admit i felt like crying at some parts...dun flame me for being a wimp hahaha:)
wimpwimpwimpwimpwimp! haha jk. :)

ya jiro, please post the solved code... stupid ppl like me cannot decode.
I’m sorrie if I say anything wrong… u will still come for the appointment, won’t u?
Let me fetch you on that day, okie?'
Only you can help yourself. come on, reply a yes…
Vent your thoughts to others please… it’s the only way out.
Ease your illusions! let me help…
You’ve gonna come for it!
Only you… yourself can help yourself…
Understanding yourself is most important…

The first letters of each msg forms the 'hidden message'.
AS simple as that. :rock:
pengz. i tried doing that but somehow that didn't work. maybe im just dumb :lol:

anyway thanks!