90s Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Maverick 2x12 Combo Amp


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Dear all,

I've got 'Grade A' Blues and Rock amp up for sale today. Massive Cleans but gets it done on the dirty side too. Leaning towards the cleans, truthfully. Closer emulator to the SRV / JM Tone than most think. Cleans up quite nicely.

If you're nice, I will throw in a free set of tubes to go along with the amp.

I am open to trades with guitars and other amps, but preferably a trade down :)
Fender, Vox, Marshall, Two Rock, Ceriatone, etc.

NOTE: Will be throwing in a free step-up transformer as it is not in local voltage.

For negotiations, trade offers and whatnot - 81010441

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