Do You Hate Bitter Liberty?

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Um. I think whoever's interested in this thing (maybe must pay one;)) can just call him, and whoever's not just move along to other threads. Arguing about this isn't going to help anything.
Hey guys, i know you guys pretty dislike me and all and you guys have your opposing views... i respect them and I just hope you guys will just respect what I'm doing.. I'm sure we can all talk things out rather then just lashing out on each other.. Thanks..
i understand the deals work well for the organizer from a business perspective. so i understand why you do what you do. of course, also being a musician, i feel like the musicians are getting a bogus deal. but just so you know, it's really nothing personal; you seem like a nice person. if other musicians think they're getting the short end of the stick, it may make it harder to find bands willing to play, but probably not a whole lot harder because there's a sucker born every day. :)
yeah i wont blame you guys for it.. But from the organizer sorta perspective we have to protect ourselves from certain things like theft and things that cannot be avoided sometimes... sometimes people do things for a reason and we just dont see it... so maybe we should try understanding it from both perspectives... thanks dharma =)
i thought he put it up to have a general gauge of what the general feeling toward him is on the forum. people may be more likely to express themselves through anonymous polling than in a direct manner, especially when they don't like directly hurting peoples' feelings.