7-string guitarist looking for fulfilling side-project


Ahoy mateys. I’m looking to get involved in a fulfilling side-project in which I am primarily a contributor and not a coordinator.

My main outlet is Forbidden Planet, where I write all the guitar parts and basic song arrangements. I’m in the driver’s seat in that project in terms of coordinating as well. I’m looking to be involved in a side-project primarily as a contributor, where my role is mainly to fill in my bits into someone else’s vision. As Antonia Banderas says in The Mask of Zorro: “I am a man in search of a vision.”

I’ve been playing 20 years and play pretty much any genre, and my influences are mainly from the progressive/fusion/instrumental music world. I have a short attention span, so the more eclectic it is, the more interested I will be. Describing my influences always seems to be an exercise in futility, so I suggest you check out Forbidden Planet on Soundcloud (I wrote/played all guitars) and also my own personal Soundcloud page. We don’t have to like the same music (works better for me if we don’t), as long as we can respect each other’s space to cover their sonic duties.

In terms of contribution, I’m free to practice in the east side after 8:30 pm on most nights. For recording, I have a DAW setup and can record guitar tracks and work via online collaboration anytime. I’m in my 30s with family and work commitments, so this is purely for personal satisfaction. I don’t look for or expect any commercial reward. The three most important things for me are people who are easy to get along with, music that’s fun and rewarding to write and play, and being organized enough to have something to show for it at the end of the day.

If that sounds like the sort of person you’re looking for, drop me a line at adamqlw @ gmail.com or 923 two two 7 3 three.

My SoundCloud
Fornidden Planet SoundCloud
Forbidden Planet on Spotify