12"x12"x2" Acoustic Foam


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Bought some acoustic foam for my own room, but bought too much. Have 36 pieces available. Text me at nine-seven-seven-2-9-zero-two-2

Price: $14 per piece
-12" X 12" X 2" (24 square feet)
-good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms.
-Class A Fire Retardant
-High NRC

This acoustic foam comes in tiles that are 2 inch in depth with a height and width of 1 foot. The depth of this foam at 2 inch provides better soundproofing over large areas. Thin foam, over a large area, has less of a chance of distorted and muffling the sounds reverberation. The uniform wedge design help trap airborne noise while alleviating flutter echo and slap back. This foam is ideal for spot-treating production studios, practice rooms or home entertainment centers. Also, this foam helps with smaller agitation echo complications. It is tested to effectively eliminate sound waves and flutter. Purchasing your own foam is the best way to tune your area without hiring a professional acoustician. Foam will not deteriorate or fall apart over time. All that is required is dusting over long periods of time.

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