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  • Thanks for the pics Bro Faz...yeah with my new Hair-Extention. Kekekeke !

    arghghghgh no!!! im not jugman!! maybe jugman looks like me. i joined earlier sial... arhghghg.
    Bro Faz, I didn't know you could come in here and view my conversation with Bro fgl - - - Kekekekeke ! Yes you're my Favourite Guitarists...
    Buon Giorno!!
    Well, here you are RD talking about me behind my back. Hehehehe!! Well, I'm sure we'll pull this through for the love of music!! Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution. Rock and Roll ain't gonna die!! Hehehe...!!
    HAHA yeah we wanna go for power jam too if everything goes smooth.
    wahh rd will be performing too?great.all the best RD!
    Hey bro Eric

    U can do rock lah ..its th rock drummers who normally cuak to play jazz man ... we will c u in powerjam. ,I got a band (all softies) taking part also ...

    Re Dime - he's back ... was just wondering who banned him & why coz he quite cool type (he 'son soft soccer team hang outs etc)

    All the best for your comp

    Bro fgl

    Yes Faz ask me to try but I'm so scared and at the same time (I love to drum for my Favourite Guitarists - cause he is actually my Idol guitarists)....SO I will give it a try. But as I do not play Rock Music all these while but Jazz (so my touch is usually lighter)...I have to practice alot - to play in a different style (and do listen to the songs he send me) - They are not easy (I think for me only) - so I do practice half an hour to an hour on the songs everyday...I hope I can do it right...just trying my best,,,,thanks

    Izzit Dime got Banned ? - (though I do not know him) - for what could either be James or (a Moderator, but not me definetely)....The last thing I want is to Banned someone - afterall everyone just wanna have fun and chat - unless really really the guy is too much....nevertheless, I try my best not to and I'm really more tolerant nowadays - Maybe it is a Sign Of Old-Age liao my bro.


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