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  • Thanks Bro, the Mayones Setius is really comfortable to play. Neck feels more or less like an Ibanez. Satin finish.
    Wookworkz happened to bring in a few and I grabbed this immediately after viewing. If I remember correctly , it costs slightly less than 3K.
    Like you , I'm not really into active PUs. But this EMGs are awesome!
    Call Ram / Carol for more info......they are authorised dealer.
    hello rik! i saw your post of your mayones you have one awesome guitar, hoping to look for one too.. so woodworkz has some in stock or you ordered a custom from mayones tru woodworkz? how much does your guitar cost btw?,.. i really like everything about it except for the pups im no emg guy, hate active pups but SD blackouts are exceptional..
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