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    ur Gibson Les Paul still available?
    give me the best price plz..
    seriously interested..

    i don't know if you remember me, but i bought a larrivee lv-03re from you about half a year ago (with a bit of drama regarding me wishing to drop the price at the last minute).

    i'm not buying any of the items you have on sale now (maybe you wouldn't want to sell to me anyway haha), but i'm just curious why you seem to be selling so many items. either you have a huge collection or you're practically selling off all that you have.

    i don't know why i'm asking about this, just seems strange that you would sell so many items, when the impression i got from meeting you was that you treasured all your musical instruments. hopefully it isn't because you need cash urgently.

    anyway, good luck with your sales, and have a fulfilling 2009.


    p.s. your inbox is full, which might hinder sales.
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